Special concepts

Special concepts is the in house concept developer of Timeless. Based on the philosophy of design and development.


Av. Marques Leal 27
2765-495 Estoril


Special Concepts concerns the creation and realization of exquisite locations (meeting places for young and old). Areas and concepts, where people like to identify themselves with, as well as being meeting places, residences or places of work. In a sense it engrains itself in the emotional and cultural significance of a city.

Creating involves designing, whilst also providing financial, economic and socio-cultural support in making the realization of these projects feasible, landmarks and cultural icons of our time. Projects that inject a city and/or region with vibrant new color and energy which directly contribute to the positive development of the urbanized area.

Lucio Fontana, Concetto Speziale, La fine di Dio (1963)
Design and Development
Lucio Fontana, Concetto Speziale, Attesa (1962)

Special concepts

Special Concepts is a combination of accomplished entrepreneurs, with a proven track record in the execution of specific projects in design and development.

The driving force behind Special Concepts is Hans van Veggel, founder and former CEO of Multi Development, known for its unique, high quality, designs in a considerable number of inner city economic/cultural centers, throughout Europe.

Nansouty, Bordeaux
Rem Koolhaas and Hans van Veggel

Special Concepts distinguishes itself from other realizers and its partners by selecting a specific internationally renowned architect, or combination of architects, on the basis of their unique design quality, as well as their distinctive ability for research and comprehensive understanding of ongoing society changes and developments.

At the same time the continuous change in mobility and infrastructure is mutually important element of the study to get actually implemented in their urban directories.

Skybox, Amsterdam Arena Stadium
Cascais, Portugal