Real estate portfolio

Timeless owns and manages a sizeable mixed real estate portfolio consisting of residential and commercial assets in the Netherlands. The investment strategy is long-term and assets are managed accordingly. Optimizing performance and quality is the main focus for this core activity.

Dudok, Rotterdam
Dudok, Rotterdam
Minervaplein, Amsterdam
Mosveld, Amsterdam-Noord
The Newton, Amsterdam
De Brink, Groningen

Investment management

Timeless co-invests in and manages large value-add operations in close cooperation with Institutional investors. In 2015 Timeless acquired the Leone portfolio of Generali together with Tristan Capital Partners from London; and subsequently offices in Utrecht and Amsterdam; and most recently the Kauwgomballenfabriek in Amsterdam.

Westermarkt, Amsterdam
Westermarkt, Amsterdam
KBF, Amsterdam
Gapersteeg, Amsterdam

(In) direct private equity

Timeless has an extensive and wide variety of investments in their portfolio outside of real estate. Through network and expertise there is an active allocation in the public and private equity space, direct and indirect. This line of business has a concentrated focus in order to expand and diversify in appealing and innovative themes.

The philosophy regarding direct investments is not only to contribute as a financial partner but to be part of the entrepreneurial spirit and actively assist management in reaching their goals.