The Timeless Foundation Mission:

To stimulate the development and support of education, art and healthcare in the broadest sense of the public interest.

The Timeless Foundation activities:

The activities of The Foundation exist of making donations, providing subsidies or other forms of support to projects that focus on education, development, art and healthcare. Besides that The Foundation supports advanced education, training and development of children who are vulnerable or have a social disadvantage.

In addition The Foundation researches the possibilities to organize and participate in charity events and auctions, from which the proceeds benefit the public interest. Over the course of time The Foundation expands and complements their activities.

Before The Foundation was established, Timeless has been already active for many years in the field of charity and aid in the name of the Stichting Child Development Trust.


The organization of the Timeless Foundation consists of the board and a Advisory Board.

The organization of the Timeless Foundation consists of the board and a Advisory Council.

  • De heer J.F.J. van Veggel (chairman)
  • Mevrouw M.T. Heiden (treasurer)
  • De heer G.Th.J.M. Schaepman (secretary)

The Advisory Board decides the nomination, suspension and dismissal of the board. In addition, certain decisions, such as an amendment to the articles of association and the approval of the policy plan, are subject to prior approval by the Advisory Board.

The Board will select an Advisory Council within the foreseeable future after the installation of the Foundation.

The members of the board and the Advisory Board do not receive any remuneration for the work they have performed.

Reimbursement for the costs incurred is possible.

The Timeless Charity Foundation does not employ any personnel.


Stichting Timeless Charity Foundation
p/a Rubensstraat 66, 1077 MZ Amsterdam

T. + 31(0)20 723 43 21

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